M151 M825 M718 US Army Diagrams & Parts List - 4X4 1/4 Ton Truck

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Description Of This Manual:


M151 M825 M718 US Army Exploded Diagrams & Parts Lists - 4X4 1/4 Ton Utility Truck.

This Manual Covers The Following:

- M151 (2320-00-542-4783)
- M151A1 (2320-00-763-1092)
- M151A2 (2320-00-177-9258)
- M151A2 W/ROPS (2320-01-264-4819)
- M151A1C (2320-00-763-1091)
- M825 (2320-00-177-9257), 106MM RECOILLESS RIFLE
- M718 (2310-00-782-6056)
- M718A1 (2310-00-177-9256)

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